Title Scripture Speaker Date
The End? {bible 47}Mark 15:40-16:8{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-08-14
Alone and Never Alone {bible 47}Mark 15:33-39{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-08-07
Don't Miss It {bible 47}Mark 15:21-32{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-07-24
Is Jesus King? {bible 47}Mark 15:1-20{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-07-03
Courage and Cowardice {bible 47}Mark 14:43-72{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-06-26
How to Pray When Your World is Falling Apart {bible 47}Mark 14:32-42{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-06-12
How to Fail Miserably {bible 47}Mark 14:26-52{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-05-29
First Things First {bible 47}Mark 14:1-11{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-05-15
When Will Jesus Return? {bible 47}Mark 13:14-47{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-05-08
Sign Language {bible 47}Mark 13:1-13{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-05-01
Them That Honor Me I Will Honor {bible 47}Mark 12:38-44{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-04-24
What Comes First? {bible 47}Mark 12:28-34{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-04-17
Marriage is For a Season {bible 47}Mark 12:18-27{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-04-03
The Death of Jesus {bible 47}Mark 15:33-41{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2016-03-20
Rendering Unto Caesar What Is Caesar's {bible 47}Mark 12:13-17{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-03-13
The Matchless Wisdom of Jesus {bible 47}Mark 12:13-37{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-03-06
The Ultimate Rejection {bible 47}Mark 12:1-12{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-02-28
Evasive Maneuvers: Being Honest with God {bible 47}Mark 11:27-33{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-02-21
The People Who Pray for the Impossible {bible 47}Mark 11:20-26{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-02-07
The Business of the Temple {bible 47}Mark 11:11-21{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-01-30