Title Scripture Speaker Date
Trials: The Unchosen Means of Grace {bible 47}Romans 5:3-5{/bible}
{bible 47}2 Corinthians 1:3-6{/bible}
Kevin Rogers 2016-11-20
Fellowship {bible 47}1 John 1:1-4{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-11-13
Gathering Together to Worship God {bible 47}Romans 1:9-12{/bible}
{bible 47}Psalm 79:1-19{/bible}
Kevin Rogers 2016-11-06
Silence & Solitude: Being Still in Order to Know {bible 47}Matthew 14:22-23{/bible}
{bible 47}Luke 5:15-16{/bible}
Kevin Rogers 2016-10-30
Fasting: Seeking the Hunger that Satisfies {bible 47}Mark 2:18-22{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2016-10-23
Prayer {bible 47}Matthew 6:5-6{/bible}
{bible 47}Acts 2:42-43{/bible}
Kevin Rogers 2016-10-02
Memorization & Proclamation {bible 47}Psalm 63:5-8{/bible}
{bible 47}Psalm 119:11{/bible}
{bible 47}Acts 2:36-41{/bible}
Kevin Rogers 2016-09-25
Meditation {bible 47}Joshua 1:6-8{/bible}
{bible 47}Psalm 1:1-3{/bible}
Kevin Rogers 2016-09-18
Reading and Studying the Bible Kevin Rogers 2016-09-11
Means of Grace: What They Are & Why They Matter Kevin Rogers 2016-09-04