Title Scripture Speaker Date
Preaching the Psalms to Ourselves: Psalm 42 {bible 47}Psalm 42{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2019-06-02
David's Cry {bible 47}Psalm 31:1-24{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2017-12-03
You Speak, and I Love What I Hear {bible 47}Psalm 119{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-11-19
You Speak, and I Listen {bible 47}Psalm 119{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-11-12
The Place We Long to Be {bible 47}Psalm 84:1-12{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-10-29
Remembering for the Future {bible 47}Psalm 78:1-72{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-10-22
Worth Singing For {bible 47}Psalm 103:1-22{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-10-15
The Welcoming and Pursuing God {bible 47}Psalm 23:5-6{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-10-08
The Song of the Good Shepherd {bible 47}Psalm 23:1-4{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-10-01
Numbering Your Days {bible 47}Psalm 90:12{/bible} Matt Bristol 2017-09-24
Seeing What Is Beautiful, Singing What Is Beautiful {bible 47}Psalm 45:1-17{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-09-17
A Song of Glad Thanks {bible 47}Psalm 32:1-11{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-09-10
Praying With A Vengeance? {bible 47}Psalm 69:1-36{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-09-03
How to Pray When You're In Over Your Head {bible 47}Psalm 69:1-36{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-08-27
How to Pray When You're Depressed {bible 47}Psalm 42:4-11{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-08-20
Starting Off on the Right Note {bible 47}Psalm 2:1-12{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-08-13
How to Pray, How to Sing {bible 47}Psalm 1:1-6{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2017-08-06