Title Scripture Speaker Date
Two Disciples, Two Houses {bible 47}Matthew 7:21-29{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-08-26
Two Gates, Two Ways, and Two Trees {bible 47}Matthew 7:13-20{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-08-19
Treasuring God: Worry {bible 47}Matthew 6:25-34{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-08-05
Motives Matter: Fasting {bible 47}Matthew 6:16-18{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-07-22
Motives Matter: Prayer {bible 47}Matthew 6:5-15{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-07-15
Motives Matter: Giving {bible 47}Matthew 6:1-4{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-07-08
The Kind of Love God Desires {bible 47}Matthew 5:43-48{/bible} Demetrius White 2018-07-01
Blessed are the Meek: Retaliation {bible 47}Matthew 5:38-42{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-06-24
Blessed are the Pure in Heart: Desires & Promises {bible 47}Matthew 5:27-37{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-06-17
Blessed are the Peacemakers: Anger & Murder {bible 47}Matthew 5:21-26{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-06-10
Jesus Came to Fulfill the Law {bible 47}Matthew 5:17-20{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-06-03
The Light of the World {bible 47}Matthew 5:14-16{/bible} Rayshawn Graves 2018-04-29
The Salt of the Earth {bible 47}Matthew 5:13{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-04-22
Characteristically in Conflict {bible 47}Matthew 5:10-12{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-04-08
The Pure in Heart and the Peacemakers {bible 47}Matthew 5:5-8{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-03-25
Filled With Righteousness, Filled for Mercy {bible 47}Matthew 5:6-7{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-03-18
The Mourning and the Meek {bible 47}Matthew 5:4-5{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-03-04
The Poor in Spirit {bible 47}Matthew 5:3{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-02-25
Living in the Kingdom of God (Sermon on the Mount Introduction) {bible 47}Matthew 5:1-2{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-02-18
What is the Kingdom of God About? {bible 47}Matthew 4:12-25{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2018-02-11