Title Scripture Speaker Date
Gospel Riches for All {bible 47}Acts 25:1-26:32{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-11-04
God's Promise & Providence {bible 47}Acts 22:30-23:35{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-10-21
Hoarding God Leaves You With Nothing {bible 47}Acts 21:17-22:24{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-10-14
All I Have Is Yours {bible 47}Acts 21:1-21:16{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-10-07
The Marks of a True Minister, Pt. 2 {bible 47}Acts 20:17-20:27{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-09-30
The Marks of a True Minister, Pt. 1 {bible 47}Acts 20:17-20:27{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-09-23
A Reeling and Routed Kingdom {bible 47}Acts 19:11-20:12{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-09-16
The Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth {bible 47}Acts 18:18-19:10{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-09-09
Strengthened by Divine Presence and Divine Promise {bible 47}Acts 18:1-18:17{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-08-19
God's Gospel Plan Cannot Be Thwarted {bible 47}Acts 13:13-13:52{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2012-05-06
False Faith that Does Not Save {bible 47}Acts 8:4-8:24{/bible} J Tanner 2012-02-12
The Persecuted Church {bible 47}Acts 8:1-8:8{/bible} J Tanner 2012-01-22
The Way to Die {bible 47}Acts 7:54-7:60{/bible} J Tanner 2012-01-15
The Defense of Faith {bible 47}Acts 7:1-7:53{/bible} J Tanner 2012-01-08
Rising Up from the Ranks {bible 47}Acts 6:8-6:15{/bible} J Tanner 2011-12-11
Church-Wide Problem Solving {bible 47}Acts 6:1-6:7{/bible} J Tanner 2011-12-04
Filling Our Community with the Teaching of Jesus {bible 47}Acts 5:26-5:42{/bible} J Tanner 2011-11-13
Disciplines of the Church, Part 2 {bible 47}Acts 2:42-2:47{/bible} J Tanner 2011-08-07
Disciplines of the Church, Part 1 {bible 47}Acts 2:42-2:47{/bible} J Tanner 2011-07-31
Laying the Foundations of the Church {bible 47}Acts 2:42-2:47{/bible} J Tanner 2011-07-24