Title Scripture Speaker Date
Spirit-Filled Gospel Preaching {bible 47}Acts 2:14-2:41{/bible} J Tanner 2011-07-17
The Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit {bible 47}Acts 2:1-2:13{/bible} J Tanner 2011-07-10
Be Ready and Obedient {bible 47}Acts 1:12-1:26{/bible} J Tanner 2011-07-03
Don't Be Distracted, But Go Make Disciples {bible 47}Acts 1:6-1:11{/bible} J Tanner 2011-06-26
Jesus' Work {bible 47}Acts 1:1-1:5{/bible}
{bible 47}Luke 24:44-24:53{/bible}
J Tanner 2011-06-19
Acts Overview (Studying the Bible) {bible 47}Acts 1:1-28:31{/bible} J Tanner 2011-06-12