Title Scripture Speaker Date
One You Can Depend On {bible 47}Isaiah 38:1-39:8{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2015-02-15
Showdown {bible 47}Isaiah 36:1-37:38{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2015-02-08
An Awful or Glorious Future {bible 47}Isaiah 34:1-35:9{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2015-02-01
At the End of Your Rope {bible 47}Isaiah 33:1-24{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2015-01-25
The Way to Utopia {bible 47}Isaiah 32:1-20{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2015-01-18
A Lion at Your Back, a Bird Hovering Over You {bible 47}Isaiah 31:1-9{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2015-01-11
When Human Resources Can't Help You {bible 47}Isaiah 30:1-33{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-12-07
The Heart of the Problem {bible 47}Isaiah 29:1-24{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-11-23
It Is Simple {bible 47}Isaiah 28:1-29{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-11-16
The Lord is an Everlasting Rock {bible 47}Isaiah 26:1-27:13{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-11-09
Ultimate Realities {bible 47}Isaiah 24:1-25:12{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-11-02
Do Not Love the World {bible 47}Isaiah 21:1-23:18{/bible}
{bible 47}1 John 2:15-17{/bible}
Kevin Rogers 2014-10-05
He Rules the World {bible 47}Isaiah 13:1-20:6{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-09-28
Inside Perspective : A Look at the Heart of a Person Who Has Truly Encountered Christ {bible 47}Isaiah 12:1-6{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-08-17
The King of Humble Origins {bible 47}Isaiah 11:1-16{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-08-10
The Remnant: The Few, The Faithful, The Kept {bible 47}Isaiah 10:20-34{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-08-03
When A Tool Gets Carried Away {bible 47}Isaiah 10:5-9{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-07-27
The Unrelenting Wrath of God {bible 47}Isaiah 9:8-10:4{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-07-20
The Hero You've Been Hoping For {bible 47}Isaiah 9:1-9:7{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-06-29
When You Are Shaking Like A Leaf {bible 47}Isaiah 7:1-8:10{/bible} Kevin Rogers 2014-06-15